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What lies beyond this life no one can confirm but Christians believe we are safe in the hands of an infinitely gracious God. Christian funerals affirm the hope that there is something beyond our earthly life.

Funerals are normally arranged through your funeral director. There are numerous good funeral companies in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and they will guide through the practical process of arranging a funeral.   It is entirely up to you as to where you wish this to occur – either in the funeral home or in one of our churches. The funeral company will get in contact with us to ensure availability of the priest and once that is confirmed the priest will get in touch with you and arrange a time to go through what it is that you wish to include to say farewell to your loved one.

These days there are numerous varieties for inclusions to consider. You may have attended a funeral and liked something that happened there. You may have no idea how you wish to do this and in that case the priest will guide you through some possibilities once you have got to know each other a little and heard some of your loved one’s story. This can be a stressful time and while some families love to get busy with photo displays and other tributes, some families feel unable to even think about doing some of these things. Grief is individual and our role at St Matthew’s & St Linus’ is to make this process as easy as possible and give you an opportunity to say farewell that is very personal, appropriate and memorable.

Our priest is very experienced at conducting funerals for all types of people, in all types of settings, for all ages and is mindful of any sensitivities that may be present. Please contact the parish office if you have any further queries or would like an appointment with the parish priest.